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You are Al Ameen and so are we

Importance of al Ameen service:
- Ensure that citizens, residents, visitors and tourists feel like they are part of a safety of society
- Develop the sense of self initiative, which makes us feel like we are partners in protecting our society.
- Offer state-of-the-art communication channels that suit everyone, which ensures efficiency and effectiveness in conveying information and protecting members, society and the country as a whole against crimes that threaten our stability.
- Protecting our country and making members feel safe, ensures the continuity of achieving the best when it comes to work, societal life, and leisure. Safety is the key to development.

- Al Ameen Application

Types of information and reports:
The aim behind cooperating with Al Ameen service is to protect the people, society and the country as a- whole, hence it does not focus on protecting everyone prior to the crimes, or even after they occur, instead the circle of cooperation between citizens, residents, visitors and tourists on one hand, and between al Ameen service on the other hand includes valuing all information or reporting that are useful in combating crimes against divinity, as well as against the country, the rulers and the system in general.

What makes al Ameen service special?
- Ensure of the confidentiality of the caller, and never disclose their identity or type of information they are offering.
- Do not entail any liability.
- Service is available round the clock 24/7 all days of the week.
- Provide various communication channels to suit everyone, whether it’s via phone calls, or by any other means.
- Welcomes all types of information, whether of social , economic or criminal feature, it values regardless its classification.

Benefits of contacting and cooperating with “Al Ameen”:
-Protect myself and my family
-Protect my society, protect my own environment from any negative aspects.
-Maintain stability in the country which ensures its progress
-Develop sense of loyalty and belonging
-Develop the sense of responsibility
-Earn trust by participating in protecting my community



Achieve a safer community for sustainable development & well-being and jointly contribute to maintain its safety.



We seek to communicate with all members of society by opening secure, direct and confidential channels of communication that work around the clock to receive all security-related information.