The Al Ameen Service officially launched in September 2003. Using this service, the people ‎of Dubai can communicate confidentially with the authorities to keep abreast of development ‎in Dubai and on issues that concern them. The media that can be used include toll free ‎telephones, fax, sms on mobiles, and e-mails via the Al Ameen web site and on smart phones‎.‎


  • The mutual participation of nationals and residents, to maintain security and stability in the society. ‎
  • To provide safe and active communication channel.
  • Overall individual contribution to provide a peaceful environment. ‎
  • To encourage personal initiative to convey information this would help protect against elements detrimental to the society.‎
  • To create awareness of the positive impact of providing information which would lessen dangers. ‎
  • To guarantee continuation of the secure environment that we have been enjoying.
  • To develop inner feeling about the value of the shared responsibility in achieving the secure environment.

Outstanding features of the service:
  • Round the clock seven days a week availability of the service. ‎
  • Assurance of the callers safety Provision of several Assurance of total confidentiality. ‎
  • Caller shall no legal accountability for conveying information. ‎
  • Communication options: Free choice of appropriate means of communication. ‎
  • Receiving any kind of information, all fields, social, economical, political etc.
  • Easy communication of information.


To achieve a safer society which is now developed and luxurious, and to help to keep it safe.


The service enables people to contact the police around the clock with any problems or concerns they may ‎have. These are treated with complete confidentiality.